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From the Sketchpads of Hamsters

Come Pictures of Pellets

The Mellifluous Leaper 182
30 January 1983
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Image above was made by officerjudy. Ask her permission before using it anywhere.


leaper182 - personal journal about my life.
darktrent182 - fic journal only.

Friend whichever you want.

If you want to be friended and we've never talked before, drop a comment on this post. Otherwise, I don't know you from Adam, and I'm not going to Friend. If you need to de-Friend, de-Friend without worry.

Random Items of Note

Late 1998 - entered fandom and slash fandom via Xena. (Yes, that IS correct.)
May 7, 2006 - graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in History.
Fall, 2008 - entered graduate school to work on a Master's in Library Science.
Now - Drifting aimlessly?

RP Journals

Occasionally, I'm stupid enough to join RPGs on LJ. Here is the list of characters that I've played in the past, or am playing now.